The Ultimate Fan Page Ever in all History

Okay, so there are four pictures on the page and I made them all. But so what? Until things get better and people send me their pictures, yeah that's it, this shall be known as the fan page. So get used to it, bucko!


This picture I made for that illustrious comic, SPORKMAN! ( It's one of my new favorites, so check it out! Because I said so, that's why! Don't talk back!!! This picture not only violates copyright of a famous LucasArt character, but also shows it being cruelly treated (so I should be getting some hate mail from Peta).

"Nuclear Larry"

This fan picture is in tribute to that wonderful webcomic, Krazy Larry (again the link is on the LINK page so stop asking). This hand drawn picture...yes, they are all hand drawn...represents Larry in his Nuclear attachment state.

"True. True."

Just so you know, this was a particular comic I made in tribute to one of the best cartoons out there on the net: The Mr. Chuck Show (I have a link to John Meyer's page in the links I'm lazy). Anyway, it's a slightly more violent version of his 'wasssup' comic. Can we say copy right infringement? You bet your ass we can....Bucko!

"Those Damned Cerebrums"

This is the second Mr Chuck Show comic I made. I got bored. This one actually stars Ned, drawn by yours truly. I thought about coloring it, but then I asked myself: Why?


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